This page no longer functions because Perth Transit shutdown their SmartRider API :(

For posterity I'm making the source for this page available here

Transperth SmartRider Checker

Enter your SmartRider ID number into the text-box below.

Details for SmartRider
  • Balance: $
  • Autoload Enabled:
  • Concession Type:
  • Concession Expires:


How does this work?

The SmartRider ID number which you enter is submitted to the Perth Transit API and the response returned is displayed on this page.

Can you use my SmartRider ID number to steal my balance?

No, the Perth Transit API only allows you to query the balance, auto-load status, concession type and concession expiration of a SmartRider.

Can you use my SmartRider ID number to clone my card?

No, the data on a SmartRider card is encrypted and a card's encryption key cannot be derived from the card's ID number.

Why does this site remember my SmartRider ID number?

When you submit your SmartRider ID via the above form a HTTP cookie containing the submitted SmartRider ID is created on your device. This webpage can then read this cookie to automatically load the details of your current SmartRider when you return to this page. Click here if you would like to delete the cookie created by this webpage.

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